The next few years are pivotal for IT leaders as they plan for the adoption of technology to take greater control of the customer journey through digital transformation.

With traditional programming such as Java being challenged by Python, the ...
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The addition of Agile Software Development and Scrum to an organisation’s traditional project management environment, has given many development teams a renewed zest and encouraged a new energy to the way many organisations are now developing and delivering better products to customers.

The requirement of many organisations is getting that talent into their business; talent which is in short supply.

With almost two thirds of IT budgets being spent on operations, IT leaders are looking to simplify their infrastructure. This has led to many of them looking at how they standardise Linux and virtualisation software to run across all enterprise workloads.

We support organisations whose software infrastructure is supported by Cloud and engineered systems.
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We work with those management and executives who can offer leadership, exert influence, and formulate strategies.

The economic climate is undoubtedly improving, albeit at different rates in different locations, and often at a slower pace than predicted.
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In situations where there is a fast-pace of change, the role of the BA team is even more pertinent than ever.

We work with organisations who want to identify obstacles, opportunities, and threats, working alongside stakeholders to develop new product lines, innovative ways of working and fresh ways of solving problems.
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The growing reliance on digital technology and the rush towards mobilisation is bringing forward a range of new software developments.

This is naturally lending itself to changes in testing trends. We work with organisations who value testing and ...
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Many of the clients are diversifying their investment in technology providers as well as increasing internal capability.

This means that data, services, and algorithms are spread across numerous clouds.

Data engineers need to understand the infrastructure so that data doesn’t exist in silos or within an expensive setup but can deliver a strong ROI.

The cyber-security industry is one of the fastest growing with security analytics, threat intelligence, mobile security, and cloud security all seeing exponential levels of investment.

Most organisations we collaborate with already have a security framework in place with cloud-based cyber-security and big data analytics for security leading the way.
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Within the Internet of Things concept, blockchain is likely to see greater levels of integration and implementation.

The necessity to remove all single points of failure from the new digital infrastructure is vital and blockchains have already proven to be a robust devolved model that guards against cyber-attacks.
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We work with businesses who want to not only keep up to date with AI but ensure a ROI from it.

As AI is now delivering a clear business case for further for data initiatives, so is the demand for AI professionals.
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