It has been over a decade since the global economic collapse, and it is safe to say that urban development is booming.

A remarkable array of shiny museums, up market hotels and some of the world’s tallest buildings continue to be developed and completed. Architects are in high demand, but with the austerity measures in place in many government and ...
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Technological advances are transforming the way that buildings are designed and constructed. Not only that, but it is helping streamline decision making and performance across the infrastructure lifecycle.

Building Information Modelling is giving AEC professionals insight they have never had before and the necessary tools to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

The pace at which technology is becoming embedded within construction is rapid.

Whilst it is allowing civil engineers to transform construction methods, enhance sustainability and to embark on more ambitious projects than ever before it is also exposing the new skill sets required.
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Changes in society and technology are redefining how people engage with retail spaces.

Hybrid retail spaces are now becoming less fashionable and more accepted. At the same time the need for experiential design remains a constant.
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The real estate and property management sector is being revolutionised by technology.

From the development of Blockchain and Augmented and Virtual reality, to the more established, automation, push technology, bots and big data, the shift to the Cloud has opened endless possibilities and opportunities for investors.
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The biggest change over the past few decades within the sector has been the advent of competition.

A growing number of firms must go out and win new projects, promote their designs, and sell their firms.

And once a project has been awarded, there must be a tight control on all the operational elements. But more importantly, technology is changing the way that business is won and delivered.
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