Fee compression is one of the most significant aspects of this sector. Specifically, investors want more for less. And whilst this isn’t new, it has certainly become the pre-eminent feature.

This has in part lead to the industry moving away from actively managed funds to less expensive, passively managed funds directed by artificial intelligence (AI).
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The industry continues to be affected by the global regulatory environment. MiFID II and GDPR being two. Technology is impacting on the industry with almost all players now making use of big data analytic tools and expertise.

Organisations are harnessing the power of the data they hold to forecast markets behaviour in order to make swift and accurate securities valuations.
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The Retail Banking industry is evolving at a significant pace as companies compete to provide consumer-driven technology solutions to an increasingly digitally savvy and demanding customer base.

Consumers are vocal in their requirements for services and financial products that are congruent with their lifestyles. Yet this presents data security challenges.
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The sector most effected by the financial crash, the capital markets industry has also been impacted by technological advances. It is also characterised by greater caution.

Banks are pushing for digital transformation with emerging technologies playing their part in respect of DLT, RPA and AI.
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The wealth management sector has experienced remarkable change over recent years. In part down to the challenging competitive environment but also due to the unpredictable economic climate.

Fierce competition, fee compression, tighter regulation and changing customer needs all combine to create numerous challenges.
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Over recent years, the opportunities for fast-tracked growth and enhanced bottom-line profits have been tough.

But insurers can take advantage of growth opportunities, operational improvement, and expense reduction if they can overcome the internal and external challenges.
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As the global demand for accountancy, audit, and tax services shows no sign of abating, the necessity to attract the best specialists has never been more important.

Whilst the sector has seen impressive growth since the economic crash, accountancy practices are under pressure to modernise their services and provide value add.
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Management consulting is a client-driven industry. But this means that as the needs of clients change, so must the sector.

We work with firms who are committed to adapting quickly, whether that be in terms of services, structures, operations or technologically.
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Fintech has pervaded through every sector of financial services and beyond over the last few years.

This has meant that the pace of development has needed to be fast, as the traditional players compete with more responsive entrants into the market. This is especially obvious within the areas of Mobile and E-Commerce.
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If ever a sector was impacted by cyber security, digital and technological advancement, it would be the cards and payments sector.

No longer simple “payments” the area has become multi-faceted in its own right, to include Payments, e-Commerce, Alternative Payments, Blockchain/Crypto-currencies, Merchant Services, Risk/Fraud and Security.

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