We have created a specialised service we call the hopkins&billion CHINA DESK in which we put special focus and emphasis on projects which start in China, move into China or where a Chinese stakeholder is majorly involved.

In each of our services we have a specially dedicated team that proactively works on ...
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We perform constant global sourcing of talents with Chinese background or strong interest in China. Our China Desk searching for Chinese and International Top-Performers via our International and Chinese research team working out of our global partner-locations. We are building up an ever growing international China-Specific candidate pool for quick candidate access which we proactively share with our client-partners.


China presence is key for our Consultancy practice as we can expertly guide businesses on this highly fragmented market as seen through the lens of locals. We take pride in our synergistic business setup coupled with our methodical research approach on China. We question everything and to find the answers our local team helps us hone in on the most important market dynamics for our clients via extensive research and qualitative conversations with C-suite professionals on a daily basis.
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